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  • Copper & Aluminium Wire E.C. Grade readily procured for Conductors with properties such as good conductivity.
  • Stranding / Bunching : Stranding process is done for the Conductors used for making Power Cable & Control Cable for Flexible Conductor is bunched.
  • Insulation : The Conductor is coated by insulating material by extrusion by PVC, XLPE etc. with proper thickness and colour specified in the Indian Standards. XLPE Insulated conductors are steam cured & non steam cured.
  • Laying Up : If the core is intended to make Multicore Cable, the core has to be laid up with proper colour sequence in right hand side. If it is layed cores the outer layer cores cable be right hand side and inner layers will be reverse direction with each other.
  • Inner Sheathing : It is a PVC separator between Core and Armour. It can be extruded or wrapped as per requirements Outside purpose the cable inner sheath is extruded so that the core will became waterproof. For sector shape cable a polyester tape is also provided to give the additional safety.
  • Armouring : Majority of the Cables are Armoured to protect the cable from mechanical impacts, to avoid over bending and also to strengthen the cable from Stess and strain G.I. Strips and Wires are used for amouring depending upon the sizes.

  • Testing
  • Testing is conducted as per IS : 1554 (Part-I) 1988, IS : 694 1984 & 7098 (Part-I) for Finished Cables. Raw Materials are tested as per IS : 10810(Part-I to 63), IS : 5831, IS : 6380 and the relevant specifications. Outer sheathing is applied by extrusion for PVC cables.

  • Raw Materials
  • Sunlight Cable is consuming the following Raw Material Copper Wire E. C. Grade, Aluminium Wire E. C. Grade, PVC Compound Type-A, ST-1, ST-2, ST-3, XLPE Compound, Armour Wire/strips, Inner sheath Tapes. Process Inspection is carried out at Bunching & Stranding of Conductor, PVC or XLPE Insulation, Laying, Inner Sheathing, Armouring & Outer Sheathing Stages.