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LED termed as Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor device that transmits incoherent narrow-spectrum light. LED Street Lights are considered highly energy-efficient than traditional lighting options. In modern days these are most widely utilized to brighten up the road or streets in the night time. LED due to compact size nature, Can be clustered with multiple LEDs to reflect more light than traditional street lights while using less power. LED lights, directional by nature function well at any temperature even 0 degree. They are considered environment friendly as they don’t emit any dangerous radiations.

Although the prices of LED street lights vary in all over India depending upon the size & configuration. At Ever top LED you can find these lights at very reasonable rates. Here you will get different types of LED street lights including L type CFL, S type CFL, LED eco street lights etc. Many other LED products are also available here such as LED bulbs, LED tube lights etc. LED street light distributors, dealers, traders, wholesalers, exporters, suppliers and manufacturers in Mumbai, India to all over the world since 1984 with assured quality, safety, replacement guarantee and warranty

Benefits of LED Street Light
  • Powerful light with a multiple design and features
  • LED street lights are available in multiple sizes
  • Reliable and durable with certified components
  • Low voltage required with low heat
  • Useful for road, highways, halls, malls, Commercial sectors, Industrial area