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PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and XLPE cables are chemically stable cable with having thin insulation that are generally utilized in LT side cables. XLPE cable a cross linked polyethylene cable that are utilized in both LT and HT side cables. PVC Cables are low cost cable with having high tensile strength and good flexibility in nature. These kind of PVC cables are widely utilized for domestic uses in house wiring or internal wiring for lighting circuits in factories, power supply for office etc. XLPE and PVC cable distributors, dealers, traders, wholesalers, exporters, suppliers and manufacturers in Mumbai, India to all over the world since 1984 with assured quality, safety, replacement guarantee and warranty.

XLPE Cables are having higher current carrying capacity as it can endure higher temperature compared to PVC cable. It is having high overload capacity. It takes very less installation time. The main disadvantage of XLPE cable is its higher chance of short circuit.

Benefits of PVC XLPE Power Cable
  • Powerful LED light source with a unique design
  • Aluminium Diffuser with multiple Beam Angle’s to choose from 45´D / 90´D / 120´D
  • Shatter Proof Perspex Lens
  • High Thermal Conductivity, Low Luminous Decay, Pure Colours & No Heavy Shade
  • Perfect fit for Industrial Usage, Warehouse & Super Markets, Workshop’s, Factories, Warehouse’s, Highway, toll Stations, Gas Stations, Malls, Exhibition Halls, Stadium’s & other vast areas.