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Quality Assurance

Planning: Orders are taken into Quality Planning, with due care on designing as per Specification and testing.

Raw Material Incoming Test

Raw materials are procured from best-reputed quality manufacturers domestically.

Conductor Material: Testing of Dimensions & Surface, Electrical & Mechanical Properties Check as per IS : 8130/613.

PVC Compound: Type detection by testing as per IS : 5831.

Armour Material: Dimensions & Tests as per IS : 3975.

PVC Tapes: Dimensions as per relevant standard.

Wooden Drums: Dimensions as per relevant specification.


Stranding: Dimensions Conductor Resistance, Visual Testing as per IS : 8130.
Insulation: Dimensions, Spark Test, Visual Testing as per IS : 1554/694/7098, etc.
Core Laying & Tapping: Dimensions, Visual Testing & Lapping% Checks, Colour Sequence, Lay length.
Inner Sheath: PVC Tape, Dimensions Visual Testing.
Armouring: Dimensions, Visual Testing, lay length of Armouring.
Outer Sheath: Dimensions, Visual Testing, PVC Type, Printing & Embossing.

Testing of Finished Cables

As per Relevant Standards
H.V. Tests – IS: 1554/694.
Physical Testing of Insulation & Outer Sheath – IS: 5831.
Dimensional Check of Cable – IS: 1554 (Part-I)/694 & 7098(Part-I)
Conductor Resistance – IS: 8130
Testing of finished cable in Indian and overseas