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We introduce ourselves as one of the leading Cable manufactures in India since 1984 with vast experience in Cable Technology. Our brand SUNLIGHT is popular, complaint free due to its quality with sustained efforts of a highly motivated team of Engineer’s online quality checks and performance is guaranteed. Sunlight brand Cables have the IS: 1554 (Part-I) 1988, IS: 694-1984 & IS: 7098 (Part-I) Certification Marks. We are accredited ISO 9001 company. We have good reputation in the market by supplying quality products thereby gained customers satisfaction. Special flexible wire and cable dealers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, exporters, suppliers and manufacturers in Mumbai, India to entire worldwide.

At present our manufacturing range is XLPE & PVC Armoured / Unarmoured Power Cables, Railway signalling, Multicore Flexible, Screen Cable, House Wiring (Triple Coated) Cables of Indian & International Specifications and Cables specifically designed to individual needs like FRLS Wires & Cables. Our 'Sunlight' brand Cables are used by government organisations, semi government organisations and public sectors undertakings as well as growing cable dealers all over India.

Control Cables

Sunlight Cables manufacturer, supplier, dealer and trader of of armoured and unarmoured which are copper rigid conductor PVC insulated as well as sheathed control cables for electricity supplying and control purposes. Cables are suitable for use in AC single phase or three phase (earthed or unearthed) systems for rated voltages upto and including 1100 volts. These cables are used for outdoor and indoor installations in damp and wet locations, connecting signalling and control units in industry.

PVC and XLPE Power Cables

This specification covers multicore and multipair cables used in the provision of communication services and the interconnection of electrical equipment and instruments, particularly in and around process plants, where transducer generated signals are transmitted through marshalled circuits to panels, controllers and associated devices.

Cables to Part 1 are widely used throughout the petroleum industry, while Part 2 are more common to the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Type 1: Unarmoured cables are generally for indoor applications.
Type 2: Armoured cables are suitable for burial underground.

These cables are designed for use in intrinsically safe systems. However it must be noted that cables used when installing an intrinsically safe system are required to conform to any relevant requirement on the certification documents, either for the system or for the intrinsically safe and associated apparatus forming parts of the system. Cables should also be suitable for the environment in which they are going to be used.

Coaxial Cables

We now have latest state of the art manufacturing as well as testing facilities at our imported plant to produce coaxial cables as every internationally accepted norms. Cables are specially designed possessed and tested to resist moisture, heat and humidity to suit extreme Indian Weather Conditions. A fully computerized process monitoring and quality control system ensures consistency, reliability and optimum electrical characteristics including db loss for our digital cables providing to satisfaction over a long span to customers.

Flexible Wires

Sunlight PVC insulated solitary core cords with versatile & stranded conductors are created with most strict quality control to ensure total security, prevention of surprise hazards, less likelihood of fires and complete guarantee for a perfect system. These are being used for indoor set installations in dried out locations where particular overall flexibility is necessary. For building installations they could be laid in conduits over or under the wall space as well as in metal brackets. These cables are well suited for any commercial & Equipment appliances program. Versatile cables with copper conductors for energy and light including water proofed cords up to eleven hundred volts are also created here.

Instrumentation Cables

Instrumentation CABLES Sunlight manufactures multi-pair/triad instrumentation cables for use inside plants and electrical equipments where there is low frequency. These cables consists of annealed copper conductor drwan from bright electrolytic grade copper PVC / POLYETHEYLENE / XLPE insulated, individually, or overall shielded with BOPP & ALMYLAR Tape, Tinned copper drain wire & overall PVC sheath. Here bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated and developed various compounds with high resistance & low capacitance values.

House Wires

Sunlight gives single primary unsheathed house cables using more than ninety seven percent real electrolytic quality copper with an increase of than 100% conductivity. These electrolytic quality copper conductors are annealed and bunched collectively. These electrolytic quality copper conductors collectively are annealed and bunched, as multiple strands, that provides great overall flexibility to make it more well suited for conduit wiring. These cables are being protected with a popularity retardent PVC Substance with high insulation level of resistance. The insulation process is completed on highly effective and quick extrusion lines, completed on efficient and speedy extrusion lines highly for higher precision in performance.